Coalition For Family Harmony | Careers – Parent Support Coordinator
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Job Classification: Regular Full-Time
Salary:  $21 per hour
Department: Domestic Violence Housing Department
Reporting Manager: Noel Stalcup, Director of Operations
Location of job: Confidential Emergency Shelter
To Apply: Email Resume and Cover Letter to, Attn: Human

The Coalition is a 501(C)3 Non-Profit Organization, and we aim to improve the quality of life and
create hope for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. Our ultimate goal is to provide
victims with alternative ways of coping with physical and/or emotional abuse through education,
counseling, shelter, non-judgmental emotional support, and housing assistance.


The Parent Support Coordinator provides high-quality psychoeducational and peer-based Parenting
and Co-Parenting programs in accordance with the agency’s goals and objectives. This position
plays a significant role in the agency’s mission of providing support to families and parents,
specifically those within the Latinx community, on domestic violence/sexual assault prevention,
family strengthening strategies, and healthy relationships. Bilingual in English and Spanish is



Fundamental Job Requirements
● Coordination and provision of at least two parenting and co-parenting groups weekly
utilizing Triple P and other evidence-based curricula.
● Creates, manages complete client file in accordance with agency standards and works
collaboratively with Clinical Groups Coordinator and Navigation Team Coordinator in client
file management.
● Attends multi-disciplinary meetings with other community agencies and stakeholders,
providing resources and guidance for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.
● Provides individual and group parenting support to residents of domestic violence shelter as
● Oversees the purchasing, preparation, and distribution of educational materials on
parenting and other DV-related issues specific to parents.
● Oversees maintenance of all program administrative records including receipt of payments,
statistical reports, and attendance logs.
● Attend local and state-wide meetings to maintain community networks and gather
resources for trainings.
● Perform other duties assigned/defined by direct supervisor.



Educational Requirements
● Bachelor’s Degree in a psychology, sociology, social services, or other applicable field
● Formal training on specified curricula required to facilitate certain groups.




● Regular schedule is Monday through Friday. Hours will be created in accordance with the needs of the parenting group schedule.
● Schedule is subject to change based on program needs.
● Due to the essential functions of this job regarding service provision, arriving for your shift
on time is an essential requirement.
● This position is eligible for overtime benefits.



● Must obtain Domestic Violence Counselor certification that meets the requirements under
California Evidence Code 1037.1 within one year of hire date.
● Must obtain Sexual Assault Counselor certification that meets the requirements under
California Evidence Code 1305.2 within one year of hire date.
● Must attend and complete LGBTQ+ 101 training within one year of hire date.


Knowledge Base/Skills
● Basic computer literacy in Microsoft Office programs, including Microsoft Word, Excel and
● Strong presentation skills over Zoom, Google Meets, or other online meeting platform.
● Experience in group facilitation.
● Ability to prepare and provide basic troubleshooting for a variety of technology, including
televisions, CD/DVD’s, laptops, desktop computers, projectors, and more.
● Basic knowledge of general office equipment is required.
● Regularly expanding knowledge base on topics of gendered violence, impacts of domestic
and sexual assault on the community, working with survivors of violence, and more by
reading literature, blog and news posts, etc. is expected.


Physical Requirements
● Ability to speak English and Spanish fluently is a requirement.
● Must have the ability to communicate with clientele over phone, electronic correspondence
and in-person.
● The majority of the fundamental job requirements occur inside the agency’s confidential
domestic violence shelter. This position is stationed in an office not accessible by the public.
● Central air and heating is available and can be controlled by staff or by supervisor when
thermostat is not accessible.
● May be required to stand, sit, stoop, bend, and lift/move up to 20 lbs.
● Coalition for Family Harmony may accommodate to these physical requirements upon


Mental/Social Requirements
● Must be able to demonstrate working effectively with and showing respect to all survivors
of violence, including those from diverse ethnic, cultural, religious, socioeconomic, sexual
preferences and/or identities, gender identities/expression, and political backgrounds.
● Ability to communicate and write clearly and professionally is required.
● The ability to demonstrate navigating crisis and solving problems independently and using
one’s own initiative, using best judgment and critical thinking skills is a requirement.
● Must maintain a positive, friendly, and welcoming attitude with staff, community members,
and volunteers within the organization.

● Must utilize assertiveness, professionalism and non-violent communication when handling
issues with staff, community members and volunteers.



● Must pass extensive background check
● Travel may be required for this position. Modes of transportation expected for this position
to utilize are by automobile or airplane.
● The option to work remotely (or to perform essential job duties at home) is assessed on a
case-by-case basis by Reporting Manager and, if necessary, by others on the management
● COVID19 vaccination required (medical or religious exemptions will be reviewed on a case-
by-case basis)


**All positions are based on funding availability and are subject to change**


EEO – Coalition for Family Harmony is proud to be an equal employment opportunity employer; all
applicants will be given full consideration under state, local, and federal law.


Our Mission
Coalition for Family Harmony provides direct services to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault; to educate the community regarding violence against women, children and men; to prevent the cycle of violence.