Coalition For Family Harmony | Are You Experiencing Abuse?
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Abusive Behavior

Abusive behavior is a pattern of behaviors used to establish power and control by one intimate partner to the other. Physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual, financial, and verbal abuse are all forms of abuse and should all be taken seriously.


It’s likely you are being abused if:


  • You have been slapped, shaken, pushed, bitten, punched, beaten, pinched, kicked, stabbed, had an object thrown at you, been hit with a weapon or shot

  • Your personal liberty has been restrained

  • You have been isolated from friends and family members

  • You have been locked out of the house or abandoned in dangerous places

  • You have not been allowed to practice your religious beliefs

  • You have no access to financial resources or no part in making financial decisions

  • Prevented from seeking employment

  • Denied proper medical care when ill or pregnant

  • You have been threatened

  • Accused unjustly of having affairs

  • Constantly criticized and/or humiliated in public

  • Called derogatory names

  • Had your thoughts and feelings constantly ignored or denied

  • You have been forced to perform unwanted sexual acts, raped, forced to have sex with others or to watch others, or called demeaning sexual names.

  • Your children have been abused to punish you

  • Affection has been withheld as punishment

  • You have been forced to submit to reckless driving

  • Property or pets that you value have been harmed or destroyed

  • You have been manipulated with lies, promises, and contradictions


Different types and tactics of abuse may arise in different forms of relationships and communities. If you feel unsure if you have experienced abuse, or wonder if your partner’s behavior is potentially dangerous, give us a call on our 24-hour bilingual hotline at 1.805.656.1111