Coalition For Family Harmony | Your Relationship
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Prevention • Intervention • Support • Education

Your Relationship

Characteristics of a Healthy Relationship

  • COMMUNICATION – open, honest, and lots of it!

  • RESPECT – Both partners respect and support each other and each other’s boundaries

  • NO JEALOUSY/TRUST – Each partner is comfortable and trusting of the other – no possessive behavior

  • SHARED RESPONSIBILITY – making decisions together

  • HONESTY – the couple is able to talk about things open and honestly, even about things that may hurt

  • LOVE – Not obsession! Love is mutual and fun and a combination of all of these things


Different Forms of Dating Violence:

  • Verbal

  • Emotional/Psychological

  • Physical

  • Sexual


Difference between Conflict and Violence

  • Conflict is NORMAL and inevitable

  • Violence in a relationship is ILLEGAL and preventable A violent relationship is beyond conflict.