Coalition For Family Harmony | I've Been Sexually Assaulted
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Prevention • Intervention • Support • Education

Sexual Assault

Reporting Options

  1. Report to Law Enforcement

  • Reports can be made at any time and you can get a restraining order

  • Reports can be made anonymously

  1. Administrative Reporting (Reporting On-Campus/Title IX)

  • Process can vary from one educational institution to another

  1. Abbreviated Exam

  • Victims of sexual assault who do NOT want to file a police report, and may want to report later, have the right to a free forensic exam where a trained nurse can collect evidence. This exam is called an Abbreviated Exam. Call our 24-hour Bilingual Hotline 1.800.300.2181 and be connected to a Sexual Assault Counselor that can speak to you about your options.

  1. Choose not to Report. You have a choice to report or not.

*It is never too late to report. You can still report sexual assault even if time has passed!*