Coalition For Family Harmony | Safety Planning
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Have a Plan

Depending on your situation, leaving your abusive partner may  be very dangerous. We are here to help you create a personalized plan to ensure you and your children may leave safely. Below are some tips you may consider when leaving.


Remember: if you are threatened with violence, call 911 immediately.


  • Listen to your gut feeling – if you feel that you may be in danger, call 911 or leave to a safe place immediately.

  • Make an exit strategy in your home. Include your children and develop a code to indicate when it’s time to leave. Rehearse the plan when your abusive partner is not home.

  • If you feel in danger, keep out of rooms that have only one exit. Keep your back to open spaces.

  • If you feel that your partner may become violent, don’t attempt to fight back. Leave before it becomes escalated.

  • Make arrangements to have a safe place to go if you are being threatened.

  • Be sure to have important documents stored in a place where you may easily access them; think about placing you and your children’s ID, Social Security cards, birth certificates, debit/credit cards, or anything that can’t be easily replaced  in a plastic bag in a secure place.

  • Have an overnight bag prepared with some clothing, necessities, and other important items in case you have to leave unexpectedly.

  • Have an extra set of car keys made and keep some money set aside for emergencies.

  • Notify a trusted family member or friend of your safety plan.

  • See about getting a cell phone only for emergencies. Prepaid phones are inexpensive and easy to buy. Give only trusted family and friends the phone number.

  • Consider a obtaining a restraining order.

  • Have our hotline number 1.805.656.1111 memorized.