Coalition For Family Harmony | Careers – CSUCI On-Campus Advocate (Associate)
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Careers – CSUCI On-Campus Advocate (Associate)


Job Classification: Full Time & Benefits
Salary: Starting at $20 per hour
Department: Rape Crisis Program at CSUCI
Reports to: Director of Clinical Training
Location of job: Virtual/On Campus California State University, Channel Islands

To Apply: Email Resume and Cover Letter to, Attn: Human Resources


SUMMARY OF POSITION**All positions are based on funding availability and are subject to change**
The certified Sexual Assault Counselor (Advocate) will provide emergency and ongoing support services that ensure
the wellness and safety of victims of sexual assault at California State University Channel Islands (CSUCI). Emphasis
is placed on continuously representing the interests of survivors, providing survivors with emotional support, and
connecting survivors to resources. In addition to advocacy, the on-campus Advocate will facilitate outreach and
program development on issues of Sexual Assault, Dating Violence, Domestic Violence, and Stalking up to 20 hours
from a designated office space at CSUCI. The Advocate must have excellent public speaking, presentation and writing
skills. You may be required to work virtually and in-person.


Master’s Degree in clinical field REQUIRED. Emphasis is on learning casework and treatment methods appropriate
to Coalition’s Clinical program, procedures and policies as part of a multi-disciplinary team. Recently graduated to
one year of obtaining Associate Registration from BBS.


Fundamental Job Requirements
Direct Service:
• Advocate on behalf of victims of sexual assault by continuously representing their interests, providing
emotional support, and connecting survivors to viable resources
• Provide accompaniment and support to victims of sexual assault (Students and University Staff),
throughout all stages of the University’s investigation and discipline proceedings; when giving reports to
or meetings with on/off campus police officials or any University administrator related to a Sexual
Misconduct complaint; when going to medical/counseling or forensic exams; when going to legal
appointments and hearings in court or with legal representatives, including assistance with obtaining a
protective order; when going to meetings and appointments with University personnel, including the Title
IX Coordinator, regarding Interim Remedies
• Assist victims of sexual assault, in seeking reasonable and available Interim Remedies from the University
that ensure the well-being and safety of victims of sexual assault
• Provide information on how to report to law enforcement and to the University’s Title IX Coordinator
• Ensure victims receive information about Coalition for Family Harmony’s 24-hour bilingual crisis hotline
• Connect victims to resources, including emergency medical care and follow-up care
• Provide crisis intervention counseling and ongoing counseling
• Attend University adjudication proceedings related to Sexual Misconduct, as requested by a victim of
sexual assault
• Provide information on legal services, and the availability of restraining and/or no-contact orders
• Maintain ongoing professional relationships with campus administrators, which may include serving on
Campus-based Sexual Misconduct Task Force Committees
• Organize and facilitate prevention education and awareness activities and programs
• Must support the 24/7 Rape Crisis Accompaniment Calendar (shifts are distributed equitably across team
members during the week and weekends)—must respond to calls within one hour.


Indirect Service:
• Complete clinical documentation in a timely and professional manner.
• Work collaboratively with the Title IX Coordinator in developing campus-wide awareness and outreach
and/or prevention activities that educate the campus community and promote advocacy services
Research outside resources and information about issues of violence applicable to sexual assault, dating
violence, domestic violence, and stalking
• Write and submit an annual report to the Director of Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS),
Campus President and the Title IX Coordinator.
• Meet with CSUCI supervisor weekly and/or as needed.
• Attend CAPS, Campus Life, Division of Student Affairs, and campus wide events and training as directed by


• This position reports to the Director of Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) or appropriately
qualified designee.
•The schedule for this position is developed with the reporting manager based on program needs
identified by CSUCI; currently full time, 40 hours per week. Due to the essential functions of this job, including providing therapy to survivors of violence, arriving for your shift on time is an essential requirement.
• This position may support the 24/7 Rape Crisis Accompaniment Calendar and respond to calls in Ventura
County within one hour.
• This position is eligible for overtime benefits.
• Certifications Must obtain Sexual Assault Counselor certification that meets the requirements under
California Evidence Code 1305.2 within one year of hire date.
• Must obtain Domestic Violence Counselor certification that meets the requirements under California
Evidence Code 1037.1 within one year of hire date.
• Education and Training Required per California State University Executive Order 1095 (EO1095) –
• The Advocate may be a person who is employed by any organization providing the programs
specified in California Penal Code § 13835.2 for the purpose of counseling and assisting Sexual
Assault victims, and who meets one of the following requirements:
• Is a psychotherapist as defined in California Evidence Code § 1010; has a master’s degree in
counseling or a related field; or has one year of counseling experience, at least six months of
which is in rape crisis counseling; or
• Has the minimum training for sexual assault counseling required by the guidelines established by
the employing agency pursuant to California Penal Code § 13835.10(c), and is supervised by an
individual who qualifies as a psychotherapist or counselor under paragraph (1). The training,
supervised by a person qualified under paragraph (1), shall include but not be limited to the
following areas:
▪ Law
▪ Medicine
▪ Societal attitudes
▪ Crisis intervention and counseling techniques
▪ Role playing
▪ Referral services
▪ Sexuality


Knowledge Base/Skills
• Demonstrated commitment to cultural competency and evidence-based approaches to working with
student communities from diverse ethnic, cultural, religious, socioeconomic, sexual and gender identities.
• Experience working with survivors of sexual and other forms of violence including dating violence,
stalking, and intimate partner violence.
• Must possess excellent presentation and public speaking skills for small and large audiences to facilitate
programs, presentations, and outreach efforts.
• Demonstrated ability to deal effectively with confidential and highly sensitive matters.
• Basic computer literacy in Microsoft Office programs, including Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
• Must be willing and able to learn essential campus-based technologies that are critical to the Advocate’s
• Regularly expanding knowledge base on topics of gendered violence, impacts of sexual assault and
domestic and on the community, working with survivors of violence, and more by reading literature, blog
and news posts, etc. is expected.
• Familiarity with Title IX compliance policies highly preferred.


Physical Requirements
• Ability to speak English fluently is a requirement; ability to speak Spanish is preferred.
• Must have the ability to communicate with clientele over phone, electronic correspondence and in person.
• Work sites are divided across co-located spaces within the community. The environment of each of these
co-located spaces will be evaluated and discussed with this position before confirming our presence.
• May be required to stand, sit, stoop, bend, and lift/move up to 20 lbs.
• Coalition for Family Harmony may accommodate to these physical requirements upon request.


Mental/Social Requirements
• Must be able to demonstrate working effectively with and showing respect to all survivors of violence,
including those from diverse ethnic, cultural, religious, socioeconomic, sexual and/or gender
identities/expression, and political backgrounds.
• Ability to communicate and write clearly and professionally is required.
• Demonstrated ability to navigate crises and solve problems independently and exercise initiative, sound
judgment, and critical thinking skills.
• Must maintain a positive, friendly, and welcoming attitude with staff, community members, and
volunteers within the organization.
• Must utilize assertiveness, professionalism and non-violent communication when handling issues with
staff, community members and volunteers.


• Must pass extensive background check.
• Candidate must have access to a reliable automobile to travel to different work site locations in Ventura
• Travel may be required for this position. Modes of transportation expected for this position to utilize are
by automobile or airplane.



Our Mission
Coalition for Family Harmony provides direct services to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault; to
educate the community regarding violence against women, children and men; to prevent the cycle of violence.