Coalition For Family Harmony | Careers – CLINICAL SUPERVISOR
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Careers – Clinical Supervisor



Job Classification: Regular Part-Time (Up to 15 hours per week)
Salary Range: $40 – $50 per hour; paid semi-monthly
Department: Clinical Department

Reporting Manager: Director of Clinical Training

Location of job: In person/Remote, Main Office: 1030 N. Ventura Road, Oxnard, CA 93030

To Apply: Email Resume and Cover Letter to, Attn: Human Resources



The Clinical Supervisor will provide clinical supervision to our Clinical Department, including all trainee and associate therapists, and work closely with the Director of Clinical Training. They will support our therapists carrying out excellent therapeutic services for survivors, offenders and families.


Educational Requirements
● Must be a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) in the State of California for at least two years.


Fundamental Job Requirements
● Provides group and individual clinical supervision to all MFT Trainees, Associates, and other applicable Clinical Department staff based on agency needs.
● Reviews, approves and signs all clinical documentation based on agency needs.
● Orientates and trains new clinicians on clinical matters.
● Provides guidance to any clinical aspects of Coalition for Family Harmony programming.
● Serves as a custodian of records and a key member within agency’s subpoena procedure.
● Documents and signs required forms for all Associates and Trainees pertaining to their schools and any other BBS requirements.
● Assists in the recruitment of new Associate and Trainees for internal positions
● Serves as an educational resource on Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, therapeutic issues and techniques, and other pertinent topics to all Associates, Trainees, and DV/SA Counselors.
● Reports to Director of Clinical Training weekly on updates and issues for the Clinical Department.
● Maintains ethical standards, programmatic compliance, and client confidentiality.
● Maintains current BBS requirements to perform clinical supervision of MFT Trainees and Associates.
● Performs other duties as assigned/defined by Director of Clinical Training.


Knowledge Base/Skills
● Experience supervising Associates/Trainees preferred.
● Working knowledge of children’s therapy.
● Must have Behavioral Theoretical Orientation.
● Knowledge of clinical diagnostic methods and principles and various modalities of counseling.
● Established skills in use of crisis intervention techniques.
● Knowledge of Federal, State, and local ordinances and policies regarding therapeutic issues.
● Regularly expanding knowledge base on topics of gendered violence, impacts of domestic and sexual assault on the community, working with survivors of violence, and more by reading literature, blog and news posts, etc. is expected.
● Knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite, Google Suite strongly preferred.
● Demonstrated ability to maintain accurate records.



● This position is Part-Time and the schedule is determined in collaboration with the Director of Clinical Training. Full-Time may be considered for the right candidate.
● In-person, hybrid or fully remote work options available.


● Must obtain Domestic Violence Counselor certification that meets the requirements under California Evidence Code 1037.1 within one year of hire date.
● Must obtain Sexual Assault Counselor certification that meets the requirements under California Evidence Code 1305.2 within one year of hire date.
● Must complete our LGBTQ+ 101 Training within 6 months of hire date.
● Must maintain certification to clinically supervise MFT Trainees and Associates.


Physical Requirements
● Ability to speak English and Spanish fluently is preferred.
● Must have the ability to communicate with clientele over phone, electronic correspondence and in-person.
● 100% of the fundamental job requirements occur at the Oxnard Main Office, a one-story office building.  This position is stationed in an office closed to public access.
● Central air and heating is available in shelter and can be controlled by staff.
● May be required to stand, sit, stoop, bend, and lift/move up to 20 lbs.
● Coalition for Family Harmony may accommodate these physical requirements upon request.


Mental/Social Requirements
● Must be able to demonstrate working effectively with and showing respect to all survivors of violence, including those from diverse ethnic, cultural, religious, socioeconomic, sexual preferences and/or identities, gender identities/expression, and political backgrounds.
● Ability to communicate and write clearly and professionally is required.
● Must demonstrate ability to navigate crises and solving problems independently, using best judgment and critical thinking skills.
● Must maintain a positive, friendly, and welcoming attitude with staff and residents at emergency shelter and within the organization.
● Must utilize assertiveness, professionalism and non-violent communication when handling issues with clients and/or staff.
● Must possess exceptional professional and ethical standards.


● Must pass an extensive background check.
Travel may be required for this position. Modes of transportation expected for this position to utilize are by automobile or airplane.
● The option to telecommute (or to perform essential job duties at home) is assessed on a case-by-case basis by Reporting Manager and, if necessary, by others on the management team.


**All positions are based on funding availability and are subject to change**


EEO – Coalition for Family Harmony is proud to be an equal employment opportunity employer; all applicants will be given full consideration under state, local, and federal law.


Our Mission
Coalition for Family Harmony provides direct services to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault; to
educate the community regarding violence against women, children and men; to prevent the cycle of violence.